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Motiva is a digital agency located in Barcelona. We offer you a range of digital strategy, project management, production and marketing services. Our team adapts to your ongoing or short-term content needs.
Oversight & Management
We specialize in taking in the big picture and then adjusting it down to the finest details, doing whatever you require to keep your projects humming.
We love helping our clients tell their audience about their product and find the best way to engage with the people they want to talk to.
Client Services
We’re happy to fill in wherever you need support, whether for benchmark or stock photo research, image optimization or migrating content from one platform to another.

What we can do for you

Project ManagemeNT
Taking on a digital project on top of your usual workload is an overwhelming task. We are on hand to step in and manage the process from strategy through the launch of the site or app. We will coordinate teams, write requirements, manage timelines and budget, and keep your project on track.
web development
Need a landing page, blog site or small web site to promote your business? Want to open a small e-commerce store? We can help you define your business goals for the site, identify the optimal web strategy to attract visitors, and implement the appropriate web technology for your needs.
Our team is experienced in manual testing for development teams, or we can perform user acceptance testing and content validation for the client side. We bring our knowledge of usability, attention to detail and plain common sense to your project to ensure the quality of your digital product.
Online Marketing
To help you optimize your site for visibility and connect you with potential customers, we’ll create a marketing plan that identifies where your users are and provide a content plan to reach them. We can work with you to identify and implement relevant keywords for SEO, and set up a content and social media marketing calendar.
Inbound Marketing & Campaign planning
Whether for a product or site launch, or for periodic sales pushes, we work with our clients to plan their email and SEM campaigns to the best advantage. We’ll look not only at the best channels for your needs, but also write the campaign materials and execute the campaign itself.
representation in english
Need to do business in English? We are available to review your proposals, website, and other materials to present your company to the best advantage. We are also available for attending meetings to help explain your product or service.
Training & DocumentatioN
Versed in a wide variety of platforms and industries, we can be the vanguard team to get your site up and running, and then write documentation and provide training for new staff on your platfor.
If you’re looking to externalize your production resources or need short-term help on a project, our team can lend a hand. We’ve helped our clients build out pages with real content on their content management system, migrate content, optimize images, and insert metatags for SEO.
Website LocalizatioN
Do you need to offer your web site in several languages? We understand the contextual and technical challenges of presenting information to multilingual audiences. We apply best practices to give you a culturally customized website that will maximize the reach to your various audiences.

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Team Leader

Antonella Severo
Antonella Severo
Antonella Severo has more than 20 years experience in web development, and has provided services and consulting to corporate media, agencies, entrepreneurs, educational institutions and nonprofits. She’s counseled senior management and entrepreneurs on strategic planning initiatives for their digital presence, and managed teams of writers, proofreaders, designers, photographers, and programmers.

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