Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Website Pt 3


E-mail marketing is a critical component to bringing new visitors to your site and past visitors coming back. Just never send unsolicited e-mails. Spamming will hurt the reputation of your company. E-mail marketing is a huge topic in itself, so I’ll just summarize a few key strategies here.

Add a “signature” in your e-mail program

Don’t overlook all the people you reach on a daily basis through regular e-mail communication. Is your company’s URL included in the signature? If not, you are losing many opportunities to promote your Web site. Through your e-mail program you should be able to set up a “signature” that will be attached to the end of each message you send. It should include company name, address, phone number, URL, e-mail address and a tagline (a one-phrase description of your unique business offering). You may even include your company logo.

Publish an e-mail newsletter

Publishing a monthly or quarterly newsletter is one of the best ways to keep in touch with current and potential customers who have expressed an interest in your company or products. They develop brand awareness, generate trust and help build future business. Keep the writing customer-focused with many action items that will entice them to link back to your site. Start building your e-mail list by adding a sign-up box to your site (via your selected newsletter service tools). Don’t forget to collect e-mails at any live touch points with clients, such as trade shows, brick and mortar stores, etc. depending on your industry. You must ask for their permission to add them to your list. Entice them to sign up with free gifts, discounts, contests, or any other creative method relevant to your company. Collect their e-mail address and first name at a minimum. Keep cultivating and growing this list, and you will find that a good percentage of your business is coming from them.

Send offers to your visitors and customers

Use your e-mail list to also send out special offers, coupon specials, product updates and more. If the offer is good, you will entice a good portion to click to your site, and increase traffic. Use it sparingly; sending out too many offers will wear out your customers and they will start unsubscribing or reporting your e-mail as spam.

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